ICANN vs Domain Name Privacy

According to recent Internet news it seems that ICANN, the company that runs the Internet’s technical infrastructure, may be able soon to remove the Whois privacy services that are used by many websites to hide their personal information, used to register the domain name, from public view. While this may be good to quickly identify owners of malicious websites, this may be not good for legit website owners.

Read the PDF of the ICANN’s proposal →

For your information, when you register a domain name on Internet (for example with Name) you have an option to hide your personal information, such as your name, email, etc. This kind of service is called Whois Guard or Whois Privacy Service and is very useful because your information are protected from spammers, hackers and malicious users.


In my personal opinion, there should be other ways to identify the person behind a website that may be involved in criminal or unlawful activities, for example, the domain registrar should acconsent to send to police or law institutions the information of the website owner of a malicious domain name only via a court order. Don’t you think that everyone deserve the right to keep its personal information private ?


Recently Google has expressed its opinion:

Google seems to hate the proposal…

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