Unblock Rapidgator.net

If you get "Server not found, can't find the server at www.rapidgator.net" or "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at rapidgator.net" it means the web browser is unable to connect to rapidgator.net website. There are mainly two reasons behind that error message, the first is that rapidgator.net is down or not accessible, and the second one is that rapidgator.net has been blocked by your ISP, by a security software or by a parental control filter.

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Step 1: Buy a VPN software


Using a premium VPN service is the best way to unblock rapidgator.net moreover you can access rapidgator.net completely anonymously, thanks to the VPN connection. A VPN is not free, it costs around $69 USD /year but you can use it for 1 entire year, this means you can browse rapidgator.net and ANY other website anonymously, without leaving traces of your activity. Good no ? So just go on and buy the best VPN service now, you will not regret it.

Step 2: Use Google Public DNS

Edit DNS IPs

A free and easy solution to unblock rapidgator.net is to use external DNS servers, for example Google Public DNS, so you can bypass ISP restrictions and access rapidgator.net without too hassle. Most users have reported this method to be working, but other users have reported some issues, rapidgator.net was still blocked in some times. We would recommend you in case to try to use also Comodo Secure DNS, because this may work too.

Step 3: Free web proxy sites

Web Proxy Image

Free web-based proxy sites are a quick way to access rapidgator.net and are very easy to use, just type "rapidgator.net" in the input form and press the button, that's all. Web proxies are free, fast and almost anonymous, but some websites may not work properly, infact some users have reported problems while browsing rapidgator.net via web proxy, but you can always try by yourself to see if you are satisfied with the results. Alternatively buy a VPN service.

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Step 4: Restart modem and PC


On 99% of the times a simple modem or PC restart will fix any kind of issues related to Internet connection and operating system. Since it is a free and quick method, you can try to restart both, your modem or router and your PC. Then wait 5 minutes for the modem to establish the Internet connection and try to access rapidgator.net again, if it works, remember this method as it may save 99% of the problems of your PC. If it doesn't works, buy HMA VPN.

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